Easter of Nineteen

Further still, into the pagesThen unwritten, now scripted boldThough more revealed, less comprehendedAs along twisted paths I blindly hold Slow but steady the sand has leftFoundations sloped, with hole and crackThe burning rain tears through the treesAnd smears the walls and windows black Like a boat, without a skipperFull throttle, paths uncharted pavesPounded by surge … Continue reading Easter of Nineteen

Silent and Smiling Alone

Broken, broken, broken.Broken, broken, bones,Torn from flesh, this pain unspokenSilent and smiling alone.Clutching on the shoulder,Gnawing on the mindShadow cold and counsel colder,The heart with vices bind.The eyes have lost the sparkleCaught from guiltless youth,Masked as truth falsehood fedAnd grinned up with bloodied tooth.My shine too, lost for rustIn spots where I laid bareThe soul … Continue reading Silent and Smiling Alone