Sometimes in the dead of night
Tired limbed and bleary eyed
Behind a screen or under ruck
I think I hear your calm sigh

Sometimes when men sleep
And ghosts roam the land
Dreams awake I feel you near
Upon my arm your gentle hand

Sometimes in pain I cry out
Alone and spent, a shell
Then warmth upon my cheek
A taste, a light, a smell

Sometimes in dark of days
A spinning compass guides
No good or ill just ashen grey
You rise, a sun for my eyes

Words long fall short
Words short too weak
To paint the light of you
The story I wish to speak

Inside my head forever then
Nebulous, unseen, chaos
Shall spin my words unsaid
Though their strength not lost

Someday when all is judged
This vale of tears we flee
I’ll find the words I now know naught
And whisper my love to thee

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