Silent and Smiling Alone

Broken, broken, broken.
Broken, broken, bones,
Torn from flesh, this pain unspoken
Silent and smiling alone.

Clutching on the shoulder,
Gnawing on the mind
Shadow cold and counsel colder,
The heart with vices bind.

The eyes have lost the sparkle
Caught from guiltless youth,
Masked as truth falsehood fed
And grinned up with bloodied tooth.

My shine too, lost for rust
In spots where I laid bare
The soul and youthful spirit trust,
Now countless ribboned tear

Numberless the days pass by
Millstone of time grinds all.
Smoldered fires vanish nigh
The smoke and light slowly fall.

Laughter and love are soured now,
The frown of life sets in.
Free myself I know not how
Perhaps I want not to begin.

Frozen thus in tears and pain
Move forward I cannot do.
The past neither can I see again
Each new day draws blood anew.

Hurt in healing, scars made bold
I fly to darkest post,
And hope healing comes from within
Since healing has hurt the most.

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