The Long Drive Home

The crisp dew of dusk has long been set
When the truck’s roar tears the street from sleep
Stepping slow and sodden, I slip away
Voices die and my road lies dark and deep

Shiny street signs leave streaky lines
As they fly by my bleary eyes
Tails trailing far from where they were
Like comets skipping across the sky

Windows down, while the stereo wails,
And winding back with headlights highed
The bucolic breeze and my steady buzz
Soothes my soul and numbs my mind

Head to headrest, a heavy sigh,
I smile in my state, so short to stay.
A passing solution to postpone my pain
Numbed and honest my mind wanders away

For each cheap and shallow friend,
Darkly nodding, a cheers, a sip.
A grim blink away, a wish for wisdom
A pang of guilt from our faked friendship

Betrayed and jaded, my smile faded
I drink now, honest and alone.
Forget my friends, follow the yellow
The wiggling light will lead me home

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